How do YOU speed up Docker (Compose) on Mac?

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Hey everyone!

As I see, the performance of docker/docker-compose is a pain point for many developers and devops folks. I'm on the list, for sure. I still have Docker Compose running super slow on my fresh Mac Air.

How about you? Are you okay with your Docker's performance? And what tricks helped you to configure it nicely?

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Yep, docker isn't natively supported and it is a pain point we Mac users are stuck with.

If and when I run into performance issues with docker on mac, I build a Vagrant box and run docker in there; giving me better control of the performance controls. However, with using the more modern Docker Desktop I find myself doing this less and less these days.

Upgrading to a newer Mac with more ram/cpu is a solution of sorts too :D


  • mac: 10.13.6
  • docker desktop: (6vCPU|4GB Ram|2GB Swap)
  • docker engine: 18.09.0
  • docker compose: 1.23.2
  • docker machine: 0.16


Thanks for your feedback! That's sad that you need to come up with workarounds if you're a Mac user indeed... I understand now why some DevOps folks choose Linux :) Didn't consider running Vagrant so far but who knows where I will end up :)


When I work from home, I sync my work with a Linux box and use that instead.


Hm, interesting... Do you do this synchronization by Docker Sync?


no, I just rsync my static files and databases from time to time, the rest is all in git.

Nice. I see that Docker Sync is also might be using rsync under the hood, as they say in the description.


Good question, I have the same problem. In my work I use Linux and it's very fast, but when running on my Mac it's very slow. I had to install locally to work well.


Yeah, super bad... And the answer is actually right above. Unfortunately, Mac OS doesn't support Docker natively...


I use Internet Explorer as a tool to download a decent browser, and I use MacOS as a tool to connect to a useful development computer.


You can use nfs mount solution. It is slightly harder to set up but it improves I/O performance.


Actually I've heard about it but didn't try yet. It's time I think! Thanks for sharing it!

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