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1000 Followers. I am Famous Now, Yes?

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I know it's not that big of a deal, but I broke 1000 followers over the weekend! I'm mostly very surprised that 1000 people thought that they might like to read what I have to write. But, I'm also feeling pretty good because I've managed to put out 63 posts on since I joined in March of last year, which is an average of almost four per month. My initial goal when I started out blogging was to do one every two weeks, and I'm proud that I was able to hold that goal (on average) for over a year.

I think that the community is a huge part of why I was able to meet my blogging goals so far. Every time I post something, I get enough people liking or commenting on it in a meaningful way to give me a boost of endorphins to get to work on the next one. Even on posts that didn't do that great, like this one:

In the whole of last year, I don't think that I've any real negative interactions -- or at least, none that stuck with me strongly enough to remember.

No negative interactions on a social media site (on the internet!) in over a year is a big deal. The folks are doing a very good job and should feel proud.


In case you missed it, my most popular post was probably this one:

I give full credit to my dog Willy for that.

I also have to mention my highest-rated comment, which I find really speaks to my intelligent and well-thought-out interactions here:

Now I Need Your Help

That's right, I want to keep pushing forward and meeting my goal. So, I want to know:

  • Were there any of my posts that you really, really liked? What about it made you like it so much?
  • Were there any posts that were just the worst?
  • Are there any topics you'd like to see me tackle or that give you difficulties? Bonus points if these topics are right in my wheelhouse of Python/Ruby/Scripting/Math/Physics/Data.

Thank you all for your support and kind words over this last year. Hopefully, I can come up with some more posts that are useful and fun to read. Thanks to the @thepracticaldev team for making such a great platform.

Happy coding!

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Ben Sinclair

In the whole of last year, I don't think that I've any real negative interactions seems quite successful at promoting friendly communication.

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Gunnar Gissel


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Lasse Schultebraucks

Congratz Ryan! I would love to see more content about Python :)

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Ryan Palo

You got it!

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Ayyyeee!!! Congrats Ryan! Indices surround the letters changed my whole perspective. Thank you :)

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Ryan Palo

Thanks, glad I could help!

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Ben Halpern


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Jess Lee