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Improving Podcasts on

rrampage profile image Raunak Ramakrishnan ・1 min read

I recently found out that has a nice podcasts page!

I have some suggestions for better podcast page UX:

  1. Ability to save the podcast for later. Podcasts are generally at least 20 minutes long and it may not always be possible to listen right away.
  2. Upvoting of podcasts using the heart which allows users to discover popular podcasts outside their usual subscriptions.
  3. Ability to tag podcasts based on content. If users/moderators can add tags to podcasts, it will improve quality of search content.
  4. A way to suggest podcasts to include on the page

In general, I think it will be better experience if we can interact with podcast pages in a way similar to articles.

Finally, this podcast of SEDaily with Leslie Lamport is a great watch for all developers.

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Peter Benjamin

Oh, wow. That's cool. I didn't know podcasts existed on

I agree with your feedback.

I also wonder how can I go about to add new podcasts to show up on that page?

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The Writer

We all need these long forms of conversation to have a discussion properly. His variety of guests and the overall do my homework centrist ideology has really helped me self reflect on my life. I have started to change politically, health wise, family wise, and even knowledge wise.