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Self Hosted CICD with Gitea and Drone CI


What is Drone?

Drone is a self-service continuous delivery platform which can be used for CICD pipelines, devopsy stuff which is really awesome.

With Configuration as Code, Pipelines are configured with a simple, easy‑to‑read file that you commit to your git repository such as github, gitlab, gogs, gitea etc.

Each Pipeline step is executed inside an isolated Docker container that is automatically downloaded at runtime, if not found in cache.

Show me pipelines!

A pipeline can look as easy as:

kind: pipeline

- name: test
  image: node
  - npm install
  - npm test

- name: database
  image: mysql
  - 3306
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What are we doing?

This post will show how to setup Gitea, Drone Server and Drone Agent on a Docker host using docker-compose. The drone example in this tutorial will be very basic, but in future posts I will focus more on pipeline examples using Drone.


  • Gitea: will be your self hosted git server

  • Drone Server: will be server being responsible for the web service, repositories, secrets, users, etc.

  • Drone Agent: will be the workers that runs your builds, jobs etc.

Deploy Gitea and Drone

Get the docker-compose.yml:

$ wget -O docker-compose.yml
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Verify the environment variables and adjust the defaults if you want to change something, if you want your git clone ssh url to point to a dns name as well as the url for gitea, then change the following to your dns:

      - ROOT_URL=http://gi.myresolvable.dns:3000
      - SSH_DOMAIN=git.myresolvable.dns
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then deploy:

$ docker-compose up -d
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Access your Stack

The default port for Gitea in this setup is port 3000:


Initial configuration will be pre-populated from our environment variables:


From the additional settings section, create your admin user (this user is referenced in our docker-compose as well)


Because I am using gitea as my hostname, you will be redirected to http://gitea:3000/user/login, if you don't have a host entry setup for that it will fail, but you can just replace your servers ip in the request url and it will take you to the login screen, and after logging on, you should see this screen:


Access drone on port 80, you will be directed to the login screen:


Use the same credentials that you have used to sign up with gitea, and after logging on, you should see this:


If ever your login does not work, just delete the drone access token on gitea (gitea:3000/user/settings/applications)

Create a Git Repository

On gitea, create a new git repository:


You should now see your git repository:


Create a new file .drone.yml with the following content:

kind: pipeline
name: hello-world
type: docker

  - name: say-hello
    image: busybox
      - echo hello-world
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It should look like this:


Configure Drone

Commit the file in your git repository and head over to drone (which should be available on port 80) and select "Sync", after a couple of seconds you should see the git repository:


Select "Activate" and "Activate Repository", on the next screen select "Trusted", verify that the configuration file name is the same as which we created, then select save:


Trigger the Build

If you click on "Activity Feed" you should see a empty feed. Head back to git and commit a dummy file to trigger the build to start. I will create a file name trigger with the value as 1 for my dummy file.

After committing the file, you will see on drone that the build started:


When we select the build, you can see we have a clone step and the step that we defined to echo "hello-world":


Thank You

This was a basic introduction for gitea and drone, but I will use this post in conjunction with more gitea examples in the future.

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Pavan Belagatti

Drone is amazing:)

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Raphael Piccolo

Do you also have only ten of your giteas projects visible on drone ?