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Why Python?

Have you ever wondered why companies are nowadays preferring Python over Java for backend development?

The answer to the above question lies in the awesome features that Python provides.

Following are the features of python:

  1. Python is a very easy Programming Language. It’s like writing the code in the English Language.
  2. Python is a general-purpose high-level Programming Language.
    • general-purpose- As it can be used to build a web app, machine learning, desktop app, robotics, artificial intelligence, IoT, gaming, data Analysis
    • high-Level Programming Language- Assembly language is a low-level language and can interact with the hardware but is not human friendly. However Python, Java is a high- level programming language.
  3. Python is a dynamically typed language. i.e You need not declare the type of variable. It is assigned automatically based on the value that you store in the variable. Eg: a = 10 , b =10.0 To debug the code in Python, you can use Type(variable) as the variable can save any type. However, Java and C are statically typed languages. You always declare the variable with type in advance
  4. Python has the following programming features, borrowed from different languages
    • Functional Programming from C
    • OOP from C++
    • Scripting language feature from Perl and Shell Script
    • Modular programming language
  5. It has borrowed the syntax from C and ABC Programming Language
  6. Python is platform-independent- You can write the code once in any O.S and can run the code anywhere.
  7. Python is portable- Portability means you write the code in one machine and then if you port the code to any other machine then it won't require any changes.
  8. Interpreted Language- To run the program you need not compile the program. To understand the difference between compiled Language and Interpreted Language refer to this
  9. Extensible- Extensible feature in python refers that you can write some of your Python code in other languages like C or C++. It means that it can be extended to other languages which makes python an extensible language. It’s not extending the language itself (syntax, constructs, etc), but it lets you interface python with libraries written in other languages. which simply means that you can write code in other languages in your python source code. By implementing this feature you can improve performance.
  10. Embedded: Python code can be embedded in any other programming language.
  11. Extensive Library Support

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caiovinicius42 profile image
Caio Vinicius

Great post! Thank you very much

punisher49 profile image

For me it was a very hard decision between Python and C#
In the end, my heart told me that Python is the way.
I have feeling that languages like Java and C# are about to die in the future