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What do you predict for 2021?

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I was recently asked to predict what I thought would happen to microservices in the new year. It was a tough question and I couldn't help but predict a backlash against microservice architecture.

What do you think will happen to microservices in 2021?

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Michael Lang

Whether it happens in 2021 or in two to three year's time, I think micro-services will start to come with observability baked in. I haven't seen anyone talking about this yet, but I have to imagine it is the next revolutionary step and I expect to at least see conversations about this leading to early prototypes and proof of concept experiments.

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Cloud data warehouses are going to get more popular and devs are going to start using them as a platform instead of just as a data store. It's way too easy and inexpensive to store and analyze large volumes of data in cloud data warehouses, and their functionality has expanded to make it sensible to build apps on top of them.

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Hunter Peress

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