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What's something you wish you could teach your younger self?

What's one thing you wish you could teach your younger self? Learn RegEx? Take time to go hiking once in a while? Buy Apple stock?

What's the one lesson you wish you could send back in time to your younger self?

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aminnairi profile image

Don't listen blindly to people, especially those that keep repeating that you must not re invent the wheel. And always re question everything.

Do re invent the wheel, just in your own to learn how things are done, to try another alternate way of doing things and to get better at knowing the underlying layers of what you're using.

Practice makes perfect, just like a sport you need to keep practicing. Do you think the #1 judoka is now comfortably sitting on a chair sipping a protein juice? Nope.

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Isaac A.

What if you don't have to reinvent the wheel? Creative people use originality and also borrow ideas from others too. I'm sure you can learn how things are done from others, and not just on your own. I agree that you shouldn't take input from others at face value, and always with a grain of salt.

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Valia Walsk

Help others first.
When one teaches - two learn. :) Share ideas and don't be afraid of judgement - smart people don't judge, they correct, help and move on.

The earlier you let go the sad experiences and beliefs instilled by local bullies, the better. :-)

The world is already good enough, you just need to get there.

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If you become convinced that one programming language or technique is the best you can see that as a sign that you do not know enough, go outside of your comfort zone and learn other things.

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Nočnica Mellifera

I love this! When someone says "this language/technique/framework is the best" it sounds so silly.

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Vianney Lapouble

I can't agree more.

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I wish I would have learned how to build a professional network better younger. I didn't learn until b-school, but all of my jobs since then (more or less) have come from networking.

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Nočnica Mellifera

Yeah that's been my experience as well. Connecting with peers should be job 1

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Take care of your health! Realize you are transgender!