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My blogging has been quite infrequent. I used to publish a post once a year. That's it. That's not the whole, I list down around 100 ideas every year, which never come out in any form. This year, I took a resolution to break this jinx. I will be turning all my tech notes, tips, and tricks I learn every day into blog posts.

This place will be the curation of my learnings and I can get back to it anytime when I want to have a glance at the topics.

Recently, I found this interesting article 'Learning in Public' written by Shawn. This one post was enough to shun away my fears in writing down my thoughts. I also found Flavio's blog post motivating to start my blogging journey.

I have still got the rest of the year in front of me to enrich my writing experience. I will be consistently blogging and will be sharing my upcoming posts every week. 

I'm figuring out the ways to start my blogging journey actively, there are 50–50 chances of me either getting successful or dropping off the blogging midway. Either way, let's face it, three things are not gonna change - Consistent writing, planning the ideas up front, and building up a writing routine.

I'm gonna list down the upcoming posts that I've been writing and will be coming out soon. Some posts might be teeny tiny ones and some might be bigger than dumbledore's beard, but I will try my best to not bore the audience.

Upcoming Blog Posts:

  1. 5 ways to center a div element in a container
  2. 5 Productivity Apps every Software Engineers should use
  3. 5 chrome extensions useful for every developer
  4. 7 tips I follow to write a blog post
  5. How to create a Google Search Page in Neuomorphic design
  6. CSS Function() -  Everything to know about linear-gradient
  7. 5 tips to become a pro in searching on Google
  8. How to create a responsive image using min() and max() function
  9. HTML tips and tricks - Part 1 
  10. Advanced Javascript Concepts - Part 1 (Notes on Andrei Neagoie's Udemy Course)

Hopefully, I stay consistent in my writing journey. Thanks for reading! 😀

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I am Ruphaa, a Frontend Software Engineer working with Freshworks in India. I am passionate about coding, yoga and Netflix. Welcome you all, you're about to discover a lot.


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I've been blogging every week this year - some weeks I don't think I'm putting out very good content, but I think overall it has been very worth it! Good luck!


That's awesome 😀, thanks


I would suggest starting small by aiming for one blog post a week to multiple a week.


Hi Max, thanks for your suggestion 😊 Appreciate it. Will definitely try it.


No worries :) I would love to read articles by you on front-end or UX :)


I’m trying to blog more too! Thank you for writing this. Look forward to checking out some of your posts!


Thanks and Good luck with your blogging, Padmini 😀