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A dev new word - Condensing

Hmm..., You already know what is condensing? Maybe not. You might have heard about pickling which is converting an object in a character stream. This character stream can be used to reconstruct the object and the object retains its properties.
I made a word just like it !



There isn't a word for some stuff so, I made one.
I thought about it while writing my exams. (I'm in 9th grade)



Ok, let's imagine that we have a web server which renders a web page about blogs. When a user posts a blog, we save the content to a file and then render all blogs written so far in a page. The process of getting content and saving it to a file is called (Drum roll) Condensation.

Q. Why did I choose condensation ?

A. When water vapour (in our case, raw data),
condenses in liquid water (ordered data in
a file) is called CONDENSATION. 🤣


How would you use this word ?

Examples are:

  1. I built a micro service to condense the users data.
  2. Let's process the condensed data


    NOTE: Condensing doesn't mean to write data to a file. It simply means to get data from a remote/non-local system. (In our case, a web server hosted on Amazon Web Services)

Btw, you're free to use this word anywhere. No Copyrights. 😅

What do y'all think about this post? Lemme know in the comments. Bye

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Bernd Wechner

Nice. And imaginative. The only problems I see are twofold:

  1. Condensing, is already word in common using in the IT space. Innovation is hard when simply reapplying a common word. You mention "pickling" for example Notice how that took a word from the traditional kitchen and totally foreign to IT applications to describe a particular way of serializing objects. So, while "condensing" doe shave the allusive appeal you mention (I do like the imagination you've displayed) alas it's already a commonly used word:

  2. Whenever inventing something, always consider the due diligence of checking if it's not actually, a reinvention. Most clever things, like it or not, have not only been invented, they are consistently reinvented by bright people unaware that it was already invented. To be honest this why I always roll my eyes at the human penchant of scientists to attributing invention to a person and granting that invention that person's name. Invariably a look at history at the time, find this inventor was surrounded by others who were inventing the same thing at the same time but were a little slower, or a little later, or less well known or simply a woman for example but most everything and this includes all the famous names of science, Einstein, Newton, nor Edison or Ford etc, etc, they all invented and discovered things that the culture was ripe to invent and discover.

But I would not want to discourage you in any way shape or from from such creative thinking, it is the stuff of greatness regardless of whether it is unique or the first or ... Keep it up! Nice to read you proposal.

I think if you want a pitch at fame, you'll need a dose of solid luck but also I might suggest working on pithy observations of fact about the modern world. Modern examples of luck in that space bring to mind Hanlon of Hanlon's Razor (a 1980 quip) and Poe of Poe's Law (a 2005 quip). With some luck, creative output and keeping active publicly we may yet see the day of Rushan's Law or such ...

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Rushan S J

Awww man, it was taken? Thanks a lot for telling me. Such comments make me realize that people actually read my blogs. Oh and, You might see the Law of Rushan soon 😉