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Tips and Tricks for Enterprise Mobile App Development in 2018

ryanmiller profile image Ryan Miller ・3 min read

enterprise app development tips and tricks

App developers expect 2018 to be the year of change in the enterprise app development with trends like DevOps, blockchain, hybrid cloud, container infrastructure ecosystem. Here’re some tips to ensure that your organization moves up the right ladder to stay progressive in this year.

Diversify your public cloud panorama

As we begin to see the prominence of hybrid app development across the industry, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud are taking traction, which can be used as an advantage by the enterprises. Saving all the enterprise or employee’s data in one public cloud is risky. Hybrid or multi-cloud provides a lock-in functionality, which can be much safer.

However, eventually, hybrid cloud app development comes along with other challenges that are faced with the cloud strategy. For a hybrid cloud, you need to maintain different clouds to run simultaneously, at a single time, and that too for a long time. In this case, the developers must ensure that the data are managed dynamically on any cloud, which may be achieved by opting some of the new non-open-source solutions.

Blockchain gains momentum in enterprises

Most enterprises look for more security features in the internal apps rather than completely depending on the built-in security features of a platform or app development technology. This has proliferated the spending on blockchain technologies. They are investing in blockchain distributed ledger technology at a miraculous rate, and 2018 will be a year of real-time rollouts. As per an IDC report, the spending on blockchain is expected to reach $9.2 BILLION, BY 2021.

Blockchain is set to change the IT in the same way software development did a few years ago. Typically, blockchain represents a paradigm shift in the way information is shared across the companies and enterprises. It supports the digital tokens that carry not only information but values.

However, blockchain is yet to expand its potential; to deliver the most profitable solutions, enterprises should work towards standardizing versions of blockchain software. Further, the emergence of Bitcoin, Ether or other forms of cryptocurrencies or virtual money has opened new avenues for cross-border money exchange.

Growth of PaaS platforms

In 2018, the adoption of Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) platforms will speed up the application development and support DevOps workflows. Enterprises and app development agencies would include leading cloud products and tools from Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google, Microsoft, IBM that provision PaaS-like capabilities via containers. This will help developers to move the apps to private infrastructure or manage apps that are built on cloud platforms. The promise of cloud for enterprise apps will help the management and the staff to do away with the in-house IT infrastructure. Henceforth, you will see a positive change in the development speed and cloud operator agility.

With PaaS, enterprise app developers have the liberty to customize the app with available frameworks, offering an excellent ease of development and huge cost advantages against the non-cloud enterprise app development.

Open up to AI, Big Data, IoT

A major focus of organizations in 2018 will be to effectively integrate the latest technologies including Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Analytics and more in their current processes and infrastructure. Mobile app developers or app development companies must get their teams ready to work efficiently on apps that span across these technologies. Just as the opportunities of BYOD are unfolding, we can expect the next-level personalization, where the developers need to push boundaries to stand against the fast-evolving changes in app technology.

Final thoughts

In the time to come, varied technologies like multi-level cloud to containers to blockchain to AI enterprise development, providing real business value will be the key. When your staff and clients find the existing infrastructure more collaborative, transparent and secure, they will adapt to the business changes in no time, showing their best interest to make your company bloom in the future.


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