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Ryan H Lewis
Ryan H Lewis

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What's New in Node.js v15

Node.js is the best way to run JavaScript on the server, and Version 15 brings some surprises, like a new version of npm, some breaking changes with Promises, and several new features in the JavaScript language. Watch this video for more details!

Table of Contents:
0:00 Introduction
1:06 npm 7
2:00 Breaking Changes with Promises
3:27 QUIC support
4:39 New JavaScript features
5:03 Promise.any()
5:41 String.prototype.replaceAll()
6:15 Logical Assignment Operators
8:37 How to install Node.js v15
9:17 Outro

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Top comments (2)

ghazaleh271 profile image

can u help me with how to create a cli command with node?

ryanmurakami profile image
Ryan H Lewis

Absolutely. What are you trying to do?