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Ryan Will
Ryan Will

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Spanish Software Blog or Podcast Recommendations

I've been learning Spanish for a while and would like to find some software blogs or podcasts in Spanish to help with my comprehension. Anyone have any recommendations?

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José Luis Recio

Here some Podcast that I listen:

You can find this podcast at ivoox, hope help you!
P.D: Sorry for my english, I want learn it but i have a lot of errors! 😅

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I shall answer in spanish and don't worry non spanish speakers I won't say anything bad :3

Tengo un amigo que tiene un blog principalmente sobre android y en español justamente porque no hay muchos, así que espero que te guste y te ayude en tu camino en aprender nuestro hermoso idioma!

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Ryan Will • Edited on

Muchas gracias!

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Eduardo Zepeda • Edited on

I don't know if someone is going to read this but I share with you my blog I write in spanish about python, javascript and GNU/Linux, mostly tutorials.

Feel free to leave comments in spanish or english.

Edited some typo:

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Saulo Vargas

Hola, perdoname el SPAM, pero es por una buena causa, comencé una pequeña discusión en:

Veo que tenemos objetivos alineados, si quisieras participar en la misma, te agradecería muchísimo!

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Héctor Iván Patricio Moreno

Hey Ryan! ¿Cómo vas con tu español? Te comparto un blog que escribo yo:

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Oscar Salguero
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Ryan Will


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Daniel Primo

Hi! Maybe you want to listen Web Reactiva

Cheers :)

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You should add #spanish to this post so people looking for posts in Spanish will stop by and add recommendations later! :-)

(Language tags here seem to be happening in English.)

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Axel Martínez

¡Hola Ryan!
¿Cómo van tus esfuerzos para aprender español?

Te comparto un podcast en el que soy co-host si todavía te interesa:

¡Mucho éxito!

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Didaco ROI • Edited on


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