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Learning Node/Express on the fly

I have managed to max out my Youtube API query limit (10,000 units) on my own developing my website. There are a few workarounds to this conundrum and I decided that instead of setting up multiple API keys and swapping them out that I should bite the bullet and build the back-end. Luckily, it will not be used regularly until next week so I have a little bit of time (and a back-up solution).

Initially, I wanted to build the back-end in a new language instead of what I already know (Rails), probably Java/Spring Boot or Python/Django. However, since I need it up and running quickly I thought it would make sense to take a language I already know, Javascript, and learn some new skills, NodeJS and Express. I know I'm using PostgreSQL and wanted something close to what I already know for a smooth transition. I went with Sequelize due to it's similarities to Active Record. has been my best resource by far.

There are free tutorials in the blog section including setting up NodeJS with Babel, Express, Sequelize, and making the REST API with it.

It has an abundance of information, I recommend checking it out!

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