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Voices from Women in the digital industry Pt. 1

Illustration by Gloria Shugleva

As part of International Women's Day, we at SinnerSchrader created an internal website that was filled with content from our employees. Among other things, we asked various women in leadership positions the same three questions. The answers were so inspiring that we didn't want to withhold them from the rest of the world. We start with Daniela Kirchner (Director Strategy).

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What does female leadership mean to you?

Daring greatly.

These two words pointed out by Brené Brown are the essence of what Female Leadership means to me:

"Working hard towards a healthier future, taking courage and pride in addressing things that should be changed, deciding based on common sense, accepting the existence of emotions (to mention the infamous word here, but passion for great results comes with emotions), constant attention, integrity, acknowledgement for our fears of failure, showing up anyways and having a backbone."

During my studies and my professional career so far I have always entered an industry or zone dominated by men. My first three leaders were women. And outstanding role models. It just feels great to be surrounded and inspired by strong women. And I met awesome men who feel the same and who are also daring greatly.

Would you say that being a woman has influenced your way of leading and/or did you have to acquire (or drop) certain qualities to be successful?

My way of leading is influenced by who I am, my beliefs and the experiences I made. Leading means having tangible and intangible interactions in various directions. I adapt the style based upon the person in front of me while staying true to myself. Continuous learning is mandatory to do so. I refuse focusing on "female/male only" qualities. That ends up in copying, tightening boundaries or limiting oneself.

What would you like to tell young women who aim to take a leadership role in the future?

Trust yourself! Reach out to other women in charge and connect with authentic leaders of any gender who help you to grow.

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