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Saad Alem
Saad Alem

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What are programmers bookmarking ?

Do you even use bookmarks this days ? Besides "reads"

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Jannik Wempe

Interesting question...

I actually use browser bookmarks, and Pocket.

I use Pocket as a "read later" app.
The purpose of browser bookmarks and is somehow mixed. I prefer because of tagging. I like to search and organize bookmarks by tags instead of just folders. I safe some awesome sites there and.... often forget I did so.

My setup isn't optimal here, therefore I am intersted in the upcomming comments here.

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Andy Mardell

I've started using Notion for bookmarks, as well as notes. I found myself noting down or bookmarking resources, but never remembering where I put them. Now everything is categorised in one place, and it is easily searchable.

Notion have a little Chrome extension to make life easier.

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Herb Wolfe

Yes, but I've always been a big bookmark collector. I bookmark sites often, usually technical sites, reference materials and the occasional blog.

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Of course, and its the reason I use Opera as a browser.