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Iterm2 Alternative for Windows

For a long time, I used macOS for software development. I used Iterm2 as my terminal. The most important use case was to split my screen with multiple terminal windows.

But after shifting to windows again, I noticed that, split screen feature isn't available to windows terminal, powershell and git-bash. I started to use git-bash and was looking for other alternatives, which has this split screen feature. After some reseach I found Hyper and Cmder. Among them I liked Hyper more, because of it's interface design and more flexibility.

By default, it will use default termnial, but if you want to use git bash -

  1. Download, Install and Open Hyper (
  2. Press Ctrl + ,, a text file will be opened in your default text-editor.
  3. Update the value of shell by 'C:\\Program Files\\Git\\git-cmd.exe' and shellArgs by ['--command=usr/bin/bash.exe', '-l', '-i'] c After that it will look like:
shell: 'C:\\Program Files\\Git\\git-cmd.exe',
// for setting shell arguments (i.e. for using interactive shellArgs: `['-i']`)
// by default `['--login']` will be used
shellArgs: ['--command=usr/bin/bash.exe', '-l', '-i'],

Now save the configuration and open a new tab(Ctrl+Shift+D). You will see, new tab opened vertically.


Enjoy your terminal!

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Adam Aslan

Ohhh I like what makes you prefer this over Cmder?