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Talking to a figure

From the comments I realized that there is another post in called Becoming The Duck from Terry Keeney talking about this and there's a name for what I tried to explain Rubber duck debugging.

In 2014 I started my first job as a full-time developer and I have to say I was super nervous I felt that I wasn't good enough to do the job (Impostor Syndrome).

A problem that I had at the beginning is that when I ask for help to one of my colleagues I start explaining my problem and suddenly the answer hits my head (This is still happening to me sometimes).

One day a colleague (that knew that I was about to do the same thing) gave me a little Mario Bros figure from McDonald's and told me:

"Okay, for now on you will explain to this figure your problem and if you don't have the answer when you finish you can ask me"

At the beginning it was pretty weird but I took his advice and I have to say that most of the time explaining the problem to the figure gave me the answer.

I don't use the figure anymore but this changed the way I think about the problems that I find while I'm programming.

If you have the same experience, you don't need a figure but try to explain the problem to yourself (like you are talking to another person or even you colleague).

Please share your opinion.

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Jess Lee

Sounds very similar to @tkeeney 's post about rubber ducking:!

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Dídac • Edited

Didn't saw this one before.

I've updated my post.

Sorry @tkeeney .