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Full Stack Netflix App (7 hours free tutorial)

Hi, I'm Safak. I am a full-stack web developer and I'm sharing open source web projects on my YouTube channel. After Full Stack Social Media App project, I decided to share my 7 hours "MERN Stack Netflix Clone with an Admin Panel" tutorial.

For this project I used Express API, MongoDB, React functional components, hooks with context API. I hope you will enjoy.

Design Part of the Netflix App

In this section, we are going to design Netflix clone using React.js and Sass.

MERN Stack Part

In this section, we are going to create an Express server with the MongoDB connection. And we are going to make API requests on the client side using axios, hooks and context API.

I hope it was useful. If you want to learn more about web development and practice with real-world projects, you can check my channel out.

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Lou Cyx

Ideally, to fit better the content policy, the post should have something else besides videos and links, for example details about the actual video, code snippets, and so on.

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Subhakant Mishra

I saw this project on your youtube channel.

Currently i am building your Fullstack blog application from youtube.
Man you are fantastic !!

Loved all of your content & saved some of them for future uses and all.

Keep it up man!!

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Thanks found you out.

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Foysal Imran

Best one

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Saman Ranjan Pradhan

I am trying to get a job in a video streaming service startup as a fresher backend engineer, hope this project helps.