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Scott Gordon
Scott Gordon

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Fibonacci Sequence Function

#   This program computes the nth Fibonacci number where n is a value input
#   by the user using a function.
# by: Scott Gordon

def main():
    print("***** Welcome to the Fibonacci Sequencer *****")

    nterms = int(
        input("Enter a number to represent the number of passes through the"
              "Fibonacci Sequence you want: "))

    def fibonacci_sequence(nterms):

        counter = 0
        first = 0
        second = 1
        temp = 0

        while counter <= nterms:
            temp = first + second
            first = second
            second = temp
            counter += 1



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Top comments (5)

mccurcio profile image
Matt Curcio

Yes, but can you do it with recursion? hehe

sagordondev profile image
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Scott Gordon Author

I don't believe I have used recursion for fibonacci as of yet in my studies. I can certainly give it a go later on though!

ashish_918 profile image
Ashish Pandey

Yes We can do the same with recursion as well.

Code snippet:

def fibonacci_sequence(nterms):

  # Base case
    if nterms == 1:
       return 1
   if nterms == 0:
      return 0

   # recursive call
    return fibonacci_sequence(nterms-1) + fibonacci_sequence(nterms-2)
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We can do memomization here as well because here we are doing many rework as well

joaomcteixeira profile image
João M.C. Teixeira

Interesting. have a look also here, we were discussing Fibonacci without recursion also

sagordondev profile image
Scott Gordon Author

Awesome thanks!

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