Transfer files from laptop to mobile using Python

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If you think that you need some fancy applications to tranfer files from your laptop/computer to mobile, than you are wrong.
All you need is Python

NOTE: Your laptop and your mobile phone should be on same network

Let's get started

Open your terminal and execute this command.
If you are using Python3:

python -m http.server

If you are using Python2:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer

When you will execute this command it will create a HTTP server on your local machine.
screenshot 2018-11-06 at 4 45 57 pm

Type <IP_Address>:8000 in your mobile browser to access the files in the directory where you ran the above command.

If you don't know your IP than follow this steps:
Go to System Preferences -> Network-> You will see your IP address there

Suppose your IP address is then open mobile browser and type to access the files.
screenshot 2018-11-06 at 5 25 05 pm

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Almost as easy to go the other way too, pop in a POST handler for the BaseHTTPServer that accepts multipart/form-data, and craft an HTML page with a file input box.

fragments.turtlemeat.com/pythonweb... :)

Please do NOT expose to the Internet - there's a good reason NGiNX and Apache are popular and safe!

[edited to add] You can frequently find your laptop or other local devices are registered in your network with a name like: device.local or device.lan



This is for mobile to laptop. Provides a simple web UI.


Oh, this is almost diabolical in it's greatness! I never really think about getting files from my mobile, since I'm mostly always using google drive.


I saw an app that generates the QR code to access the file over LAN. I don't remember the name, but I think it's not that hard to write your own. That would be much simpler to get the file rather than typing 192.168.whatever in your browser and then finding the file.


I think that would be great.

Thanks for the suggestion. I will soon post the complete program :)


Used to called bitsync but now ResillioSync. Hope that helps.


This is useful. For those who don't do python, ruby has something similar, as does perl. Chances are you have at least one of these on your system!

Ruby: ruby -run -e httpd . runs a webserver in the current directory on port 3000.

Perl: http_this same thing (you'd probably need to install App-HTTPThis first though)

This is such a useful tool I made an alias for it!


What about transferring from mobile to laptop? Any tricks 😉?


I will tell you if I found something .


apply these tips to transfer files from android to pc/laptop/computer
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If you are already in the terminal,

ifconfig | grep ‘inet ‘

Will show your IP. I’ve got it aliased to ‘lan’ in my .profile


could've included a py script to show ip address here