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Konchada Sai Ansul
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TIL: Comparison of Coding and Programming

Hey Guys, Welcome back to a new post of SAI ANSUL'S BLOG. Today I'll be talking about difference between coding and programming.

These 2 terms are related to computer-science in software development.

Before, I was thinking that coding and programming means the same, but its not! So, after an research I got to know that 2 terms meaning are different. So I thought that many of us also may think the same so I'm back with a blog on this topic.

First let us know what is coding and programming.

What is Coding ?

It is basically the translation of codes from human language to machine based language. It can be programming's sub division since its from the foundation of programming.
A coder has to write codes in various programming languages like C, Java, Python, etc.
Using codes you make computer understand your instructions.

There are 3 most common components of programming languages

  • Syntax
  • Compiler
  • Execution

A computer only understands binary code language. So a coder's work is to convert the instructions to the language that computer understand. The coders work is to convert the code ,after code conversion, it has to debug it then testing it and then finally the quality is analyzed. These is together is called source code.

What is Programming?

It is a bigger concept then coding, coding is a part of programming. Programming is a process to develop an executable software program that's implemented without any errors. It's the programmer's job to analyze a problem in the code and to provide solutions to it.
A programmer makes complex programs, read and execute that will be understandable to the machine. If you can build a program and ensure that the program has no errors, you can consider yourself as a programmer who is successful.

Let us know compare these 2 terms


Coding Programming
It means to create code from one language to another It means to program a machine with a set of rules ensuring there are no errors
Coders are programmers not as professional as programmers Programmers are skilled and professional who works on the errors while execution that is being solved
Coding creates implementation Programming creates interface
Coding is about language and syntax Programming is about paradigm, the thought process
Requires excellent knowledge about programming languages syntax, structure and the structure of the language. Requires logical thinking, problem-solving and analytical skills

These were some of the comparison between coding and programming

This is it for today guys!

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