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Jetpack Compose Is Here🔥

Introduction To Jetpack Compose

  • Jetpack Compose is Android's Modern Toolkit For Building Native UI. It Simplifies And Accelerates UI Development On Android. You Can Quickly Bring Your App To Life With Less Code, Powerful Tools && Intuitive Kotlin APIs.


  • Jetpack Is A Suite Of Libraries To Help Developers Follow Best Practices, Reduce Boilerplate Code.

In Other Words

  • Modern Toolkit For Building Native UI.

  • Kotlin For Both UI And Logic❤️

Why Jetpack Compose?

Follows Best Practices

  • Built Around Modern Design Practices, Android Jetpack Libraries Can Enable Fewer Crashes And Fewer Memory Leaks With Backward Compatibility Baked In.

Eliminates Boilerplate Code

  • Compose Manages Tiresome Activities Like Background Tasks, Navigation, And Lifecycle Management.

Reduces Fragmentation

  • Compose Reduces Complexity With Libraries That Work Consistently Across Android Versions And Devices.

Less Code

  • You Can Build More With Less Code And Avoid Entire Classes Of Bugs || Errors, So Your Code Gonna Be Simple And Maintainable.


  • In Compose You Can Just Describe Your UI And Compose Will Take Care Of The Rest. As The App State Changes, Your UI Automatically Updates[Thanks To Compose].


  • As A Developer You Can Build Beautiful Apps With Direct Access To The Android Platform APIs And Built-In Support For Material Design, Dark Theme, Animations && More With Jetpack Compose.

It's Fun🕺🏼

  • As You Already Know That Building Stuff With Kotlin Is Fun And When Jetpack Is Also Out Of The Box With Kotlin Then It's Gonna Be Double Fun🥳

Compose Preview

  • Compose Preview Is Available For Android Studio Arctic Fox As Of 29-July-2021. Compose Preview

This Is What You Can Achieve With Jetpack Compose

Multiplatform Development Natively😳

  • As You Already Know That Jetpack Compose Supports Out Of The Android Development.

  • But Jetpack Compose Also Supports Multiplatform Development With KMM[Kotlin Multiplatform] For Both Android And iOS.

In Other Words

  • Jetpack Compose For Android UI

  • Swift UI For iOS UI

  • Kotlin For Logic; For Both Platforms

Kotlin Multiplatform

Desktop Application Development

  • Compose For Desktop Simplifies And Accelerates UI Development For Desktop Applications, And Allows Extensive UI Code Sharing Between Android And Desktop Applications. Currently In Alpha [As Of 29-July-2021]. desktop.png

Web Development

  • You May Already Know That Ktor is Super Rocking In Back-end Stuff Which Is Based On Kotlin.

  • Now You Can Build Frontend Too With Jetpack Compose Which Is In Still In Technology Preview As Of 29-July-2021.

Frontend With Jetpack Compose

What About XML Then?

  • XML Is Not Going Anywhere, It's Still There. And You Can Build Your Apps With XML Without Thinking Anything But As You Move Further You May Need To Switch To Compose Because It's Simple, Powerful, And Fun🕺🏼

  • As Programmers, We Already Know That We Need To Work With Multiple Technologies In Which Jetpack Compose Is One Of Them, And Yes We Are Programmers || Dev's Which Mean It's Completely A Learning Process Until We Left Development. Nothing New!

Features I Love In Jetpack Compose❤️


  • Animations In XML Was Heck. But No More, Because Compose Makes It Much Easier For You.




  • Compose Is Built To Interoperate With Your Existing App. You Can Embed Compose UIs Within Views or Views Within Compose. You Can Add As Little As A Single Button To A Screen, Or Keep That Custom View You’ve Created In A Now Compose Screen.

Jetpack Integration

  • Compose Is Built To Integrate With The Jetpack Libraries You Already Know. With Integration With Navigation, Paging, LiveData, ViewModel, and Hilt, Compose Works With Your Existing Architecture.

Material Component:

  • Compose Offers An Implementation Of Material Design Components And Themes, Making It Easy To Build Beautiful Apps.

Well, That's All For Now🙌


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Rifqi Muttaqin

Good to hear about "fresh air" from google, Jetpack Compose would be great and change the way we build or develops mobile application, with declarative UI and following trends in mobile development

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