What type of position (job) is best for me?

sakshatshinde profile image Sakshat ・1 min read

So I've always wanted to know more about computers, as I have come to realize that personally I like to know more about a wide variety of things i.e. have a broad understanding of how things work and how they work together. Some people love to be an expert in a particular domain.

Anyone out there has a general idea of what job position one shall aim for if they are in the former category?


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I find the best developers have a broad understanding while being experts in a few things. If you want to be a generalist there are positions such as software architect. Jobs which connect business to tech such as product manager or business analyst might fit as well.

Coincidentally I just wrote a post on this very topic of being a generalist vs a specialist.


Thank you for sharing the post I'll have a look at it!


In the Web there's these positions called 'full stack developer', which could be a combination of a variety of front and back-end technologies. Good full stack developers are difficult to go by as not many people can be excellent at many things


Oh yes, full stacks are great people!