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Modern App Development on Salesforce And Heroku - the Entire Series

In this series, I document what I've learned from a series of 13 Trailhead Live video sessions on Modern App Development on Salesforce and Heroku. I followed this series to stay current on Salesforce platforms' latest app development trends.

This knowledge is vital for my career progression. With the experiences gained from this series, I can now better help my business using Salesforce and Heroku in the digital transformation journey.

In the articles below, I'll walk you through how to combine Salesforce with Heroku to build an eCars app. ECars is a sales and service application for a fictitious electric car company ("Pulsar"). It allows customers of Pulsar to customize and buy cars. The app also helps service technicians to view live diagnostic info of the vehicle and more.

I'll share a step-by-step tutorial building the app, what I've learned, some of the highlights, and my take on some of the content. You can find all the code for the project here.

You can click on the below links to read more:

Part 1 - Modern App Development on Salesforce and Heroku
Part 2 - Jumping into Heroku Development
Part 3 - Data Modeling in Salesforce and Heroku
Part 4 - Building Front-End App Experiences with Clicks, Not Code
Part 5 - Custom App Experiences with Lightning Web Components
Part 6 - Lightning Web Components, Events and Lightning Message Service
Part 7 - Automating Business Processes Using Salesforce Flows and APEX
Part 8 - Scale Salesforce Apps Using Microservices on Heroku
Part 9 - Scale Salesforce Apps Using Microservices on Heroku pt2
Part 10 - JavaScript Unit Testing
Part 11 - Apex Testing
Part 12 - Deploying Salesforce and Heroku Apps with Ease
Part 13 - Automate Developer Workflow and Deployments

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