How frequently do you code?

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I'm interested in how frequently my fellow developers code on the job. Your pet projects, the time you spend learning a new framework during lunchtime, whatever else doesn't count. Only the coding activities that are required for your daily job.

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Thanks for your collaboration!

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I'll announce the results in a later posts.

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Most of my time at the day job is spent coding except code reviews and requirement related discussions (which i think are a part of code itself.)

I mostly sit down for a couple of hours after dinner to learn anything new that might come my way. And this is not always about code.


It's great that you have dedicated time to learn. Do you have a learning plan or what do you mean by "anything that might come your way"?


I read up learn about new things that discover during my work hours, like a new library, or a new open-source project that seems helpful in certain context. Any references from co-workers.

Besides that I take up topics just out of curiosity. Recently I have started spend a good lot of time reading about marketing and research.


"the time you spend learning a new framework during lunchtime" ~ Never. Always take a break and eat a healthy lunch.


I agree with many parts.

I think that you shouldn't use your lunchtime for something that is needed for your work.

The example I had in mind is that I'm interested in mobile apps - I'm a backend developer - and I use some of my lunchtimes to experiment with Flutter. It has nothing to do with my job, it's just to expand my mind.

And I completely agree on the importance of quality food. Most of the time, I bring my own food from home. Luckily we a have a place to hear up our food. When we didn't, I made a place, even though the security was not always so happy about it :)


I spend most of my time at work "coding" since it's my main role, although my actual coding time ranges from 4 to 5 hours a day, the rest being testing, reviewing, meetings, etc...

I typically don't use my lunch break to do work related things, if I do code or learn something at that time of the day, it's for my side (personal) projects.



coding: 45%
testing: 25%
learning: 25%
admin: 5%

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