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The 3 most interesting C++ posts of July 2021

Let me share with you 3 interesting #cpp posts from July.

I don't take the most popular articles anymore, because I find that while some articles do meet the criteria to add #cpp as a tag, but they are not mostly about C++. So there is a bit of subjectivity to this list. Yet, I try not to include multiple articles from the same author and I don't include the wrap-up of the previous month either ;)

Feel free to share your favourite one in the comments.

Vinit wrote clearly the most popular post last month. While people love to complain, about the weather, about the system, about programming languages, he expressed why he thinks C++ is awesome. Thank you!

Elvis shared a couple of book recommendations that always comes in handy.

Last but not least, Animesh, didn't write about new features of C++, but old ones that got removed from the language. Remember, it's not only important to keep introducing new features, but we need to keep our language as clean as possible and remove the weed.

Happy coding!

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Helen Anderson

Great post! Thanks for pulling it together :)