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The 3 most interesting C++ posts of May 2021

Let me share with you 3 interesting #cpp posts from May.

I don't take the most popular articles anymore, because I find that while some articles do meet the criteria to add #cpp as a tag, but they are not mostly about C++. So there is a bit of subjectivity to this list. Yet, I try not to include multiple articles from the same author.

Feel free to share your favourite one in the comments.

Philipp wrote about a topic that is just so actual for many C++ developers who want to learn another language. Rust seems a natural choice and that's exactly what this article is about, understanding Rust as a C++ developer.

Evan has been writing a new programming language from scratch and he used C++ for the implementation.

Last but not least, Vishal made a thorough introduction of C++20's coroutines.

Happy coding!

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