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Dev-Ops Life Cycle

DevOps is the software enginnering culture that unites the development and operation team up under a umbrella of tools to develop applications and to automate every stage of automation.

The DevOps life cycle consist of 8 phases:
1.Planning :
This is the phase where the managers and software developers discuss and plan the aims and objective of application.

2.Code Phase:
In this phase programmers than develops a code and make use of tools like Git to store them as different repositories for proper version controll.

3.Build Phase:
In this phase tools like Maven and Gradel takes the piece of codes form different repositories and combine them to make a one single application.

4.Testing Phase:
This phase consist of continous testing that can be manual and automated to ensure the good code quality.Tools like Cucumber and Selenium are used for purpose.

5.Integration Phase:
In this phase,when the testing is complete new features are automatically integrated into the existing code base.Jenkins are used to do this.

6.Deployment Phase:
In this phase the application is packaged and released from the development servers to the production server.Tools like XebiaLabs and bmc are used to do that .

7.Operation Phase:
In this phase the software is deployed and one team intergrate them with the required services and servers.Ansible,Chef is used for this purpose.

8.Monitoring Phase:
After proper deployment the application is then monitored for different aspects and to see different issues and understand  the impact of end users.

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