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Getting Started with Docker


Docker is a set of tools and products that deliver software packages called containers.Docker provides the plateform to develop applications in an isolated bundles/packages making the application more secure and portable.
It is a containerization plateform that enables you to build,test and deploy software solutions quickly and reliably.

Containerization means that first it will allow you to bundle a full blown application into an image and then this image can be runned as a container on any host that is running docker.The images are pushed into the docker repository or registory and from there the images can be runned as a container.

Docker host is a machine or a virtual machine on which docker is running.Multiple containers can be runned on a docker host with proper isolation between them using the namespaces and control group behind the scenes.

Features of Docker:

1.Simplified Configration
Docker helps deploy codes with less time and efforts,this is beacuse the infrastructure requirements are no longer dependent on the enviornment of the application.

The current release of the Docker Enterprise Edition(EE) provides the facility to restrict and share the same available resources among various teams.

3.Isolated Applications
Docker provides the isolated enviornment for different applications to run without any interference.

4.Rapid Deployment
The incoming request are routed to each and every nodes.This feature enables the connection even if there is no task running on the nodes.

Along with security docker also saves some secret in the container and allow only certain teams to access them.

Why Docker - Benefits of Docker:

1.Docker is a best way to pack the libraries,binaries and resources all together inside a single image.

2.These Docker images are in ready to run state.

3.Earlier there is problem that what works in the development phase might not work in the production phases but with docker this problem is also resolved as it provides the same layer for the operation in any phase be it a developement or production.

4.Docker is more fast and light weight as compared to similar tech as Virtual Machine.

5.It can work on any level i.e. on-premise or at the cloud level.

"Docker is an open-source engine that automates the deployment".

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