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Week 7: Continuation of Projects

HAX Update

This week I continued to conduct user testing interviews to get a better understanding of the people who use HAX. So far, I interviewed three people and found interesting insights from each one. All of the interviews were about 20-45 minutes long, and I asked them a range of questions like: why do you use HAX? What are your thoughts on a certain menu bar? How familiar are you with HAX?

During the interviews, I wrote down quick bulleted notes that caught my attention. Next, I created a board that outlined all of the different user groups and their thoughts. By doing that, I can quickly refer to one specific interview and see what their response was and compare and contrast the different user groups. I am using a website called Mural to display my findings visually. Mural is similar to Miro, which I have used before, so I am quite familiar with these brainstorming platforms.

My next step is to interview one or two more people. I have enjoyed the interviews, especially with the users that I didn’t know too much about. Learning about their day to day tasks and overall goals will help redesign the menu system because I now know their comments, which I can accommodate.

Valley Bank Update

Like I mentioned last week, I am involved in a bunch of different projects. I am involved in an AP automation project where we are trying to hone in the various vendors and segments. We have been doing a lot of brainstorming sessions, similar to the ones in the past, to figure out which groups we need to prioritize.

Another project I have been working on is with Kontent. Someone on the team put together a master list of issues that should be fixed. I have gone in here and there and resolved some of the problems. At first, I was a bit confused with Kontent because there are so many steps that don’t seem necessary but are quite remarkable. Luckily I had someone guide me through a couple of examples, and now I am a lot more comfortable working on Kontent’s platform.

The final project I have been working on this week was with mortgages. Last week I was given some interviews to review from employees at the bank. After reading three interviews, I got a better understanding of their problems, like clients not being able to work well online and the manual entries they have to do during a mortgage process. Next, I read the software they are currently using, Encompass, documentation. I then helped with making a process chart, depicting each stage to show how complicated and rigorous the current process is. After that, I hopped on a couple of training sessions with employees where they gave us a tutorial on how Encompass works. Visually seeing how it works helped learn about the overall flow and made us question whether each step is necessary or not.


This past week has been a continuation of my last week. There were no new projects added, but progressing more in-depth into the current projects I am working on. I feel like this upcoming week will probably include the same sort of thing, but we will see!

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