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Weeks 8 & 9: Wrapping up my second internship


During weeks 8 & 9, I continued my work with creating the current information architecture of HAX. I have utilized some of the resources I worked with at Valley Bank, such as Miro, and brought them to use in my work with HAX. I have created a Miro board for the menu project I am working on. So far, the board has a plan/schedule, UX/UI overview, information architecture (with and without pictures), user interview insights, and user personas. I am planning on housing all of my ideas in Miro so that everything is located in one place.

HAX Menu Miro Board
Board Closer Look

Above is a screenshot of the board with all of the different components. I am thrilled with how it’s coming along so far and excited to keep on adding stuff to it

As you may or may not know, I plan to document every step I take in the UX/UI Menu Fix series I made. I haven’t been updating it as regularly as I hoped to, but I plan to get back into that. So if anyone is interested in reading a more detailed procedure, then I recommend checking it out!

Valley Bank

Concluding my second to last week, I didn’t start any new projects since I didn’t have much time left. It’s pretty crazy to see that my time is up at Valley Bank. The internship was for only about a month, which is pretty short, but I learned so much. The last project I did was create a slide deck that I would present in my final week during the weekly stand up. In the presentation, I talked about my little knowledge of product management and the information I have learned from my time at Valley Bank. I broke the presentation down by projects, going through each project I worked on and what I learned. I also mentioned all of the new resources I became familiar with, like Miro, User Testing, Azure, and Kontent. I worked with new tools, but I improved myself and added traits/skills to my profile like empathy, collaboration, and self-management. I wrapped up the presentation by talking about my future as a student and my plans for going into a new career.

Valley Bank Final Presentation

Some slides from my final presentation at Valley Bank

Finishing up the internship, I am pleased with how much I learned in a short amount of time. There were some ups and downs during the internship, but I gained new insights and met amazing people. I will be bringing so much of what I learned into classes and my career. All in all, ending the internship makes me even more eager to start a career in product management/development.

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Vaibhav Khulbe

Happy so see that you leant a good chunk in a short amount of time. That's what internships are for! Good luck with your future. 🤗

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Sara Cunningham Author

For sure! I am excited to bring what I learned into future areas of my life! Thanks so much:)