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Fixing an annoying Whatsapp "feature"

This is a short post. Whatsapp had the archived chat feature for a while, I started finding it annoying at a point since I would keep track of the number:
archived count

Well, I thought maybe I could write a script, perhaps an extension to hide it, since well, I was able to do as much with devtools by inspecting and adding display:none.

It's janky but it works, I mean all it needs to do is upon the page load, get the element of the div with the number by classname, and add the style display:none.

Seems pointless, but well it was fun little thing to find I could do.
Here's how it looks after it:

No archived count

Here's the script,



P.S. Haven't documented adding it, probably cause I've been the only one using it.

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