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Sarvesh Patil
Sarvesh Patil

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Text to Handwriting with OCR ! A super quick way to complete assignments.

Ever had to write lengthy assignments and wished there existed a tool that'd do it for you. Well, your prayers have been answered.

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text-to-handwriting with OCR!



Handwriter inputs either an image or text.

  • If an image is passed as input, it recognizes text written in the image using Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology which can further be converted into 10 pre-provided handwritten fonts, with an option to add your own handwriting.

  • If a text is passed as input it converts it into your own handwriting from the provided 10 handwriting fonts.

  • You can draw something and add it to canvas too.

This is a secret feature!
Select ACE in canvas Background.
I wanted to integrate my college assignment sheet here, and here it goes. I just hope my college staff doesn't read this!
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Sample Output:-

Sample Output

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Top comments (5)

iuraf12 profile image
iuraf12 • Edited

Now this is really good! I am so happy that there are so many options available when it comes to this. I remember that a couple of years ago, this thing was pretty rare to find and you had to pay an absurd of money for this service. Now, there are many applications like and many others that are made specifically to take out texts out of different documents. I would love to see the progress of making an application like this. It would be really interesting to see and learn about it

guadamijia profile image
Guada Mijia • Edited

Have you tried reaching out to customer support to see if they can help you troubleshoot the issue?

In the meantime, I wanted to mention that I've heard great things about and their barcode scanning technology. It's really cool that they offer such a wide range of capabilities, including scanning ID cards, passports, and even QR codes in real-time video streams.

ehiedu_baba profile image

Wow!! That's great !! Is the application in android ?

sarveshh profile image
Sarvesh Patil • Edited

Mobile version and app is in progress. For now, you can fork the GitHub repo and use the service or visit here
Mind you, you won't be able to use OCR unless you clone the repo.
To learn how to clone the repo visit here and you'll find instructions in the readme to setup project locally.

ehiedu_baba profile image

I'm interested in the mobile version