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Free resources to learn web development

I have listed enough resources to learn no-stack to full-stack.

Please add here if you guys found any useful resources.

They accomplish this by creating thousands of videos, articles, and interactive coding lessons - all freely available to the public. They have included machine learning courses, interview preparations, frontend, backend, and more...

Codecademy provides free and paid courses which I found really useful for getting started.

Some of us may be heard this site, I used to learn basics from their mobile application years back. They have covered all programming languages and quizzes each.

This covers javascript fundamentals after their beginner level. Personally I found this to get to know more about vanilla javascript, which is really more important.

The most favorite way of learning I experienced is scrimba courses. They provide advanced interactive learning while watching the course, play with mentors code on go. They cover mostly everything on the frontend.
Definitely check it out.

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Hello there!👋

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Disclaimer - I am not promoting any of these sites.

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Thank you!

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Kathleen Brown

Amazing list of sites this is very helpful for developers and beginners also thanks for sharing it.

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Great.... 🔥🔥.. thanks very much

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