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React Weather App Video Course 1-5

satansdeer profile image Maksim Ivanov ・1 min read

Initially I was going to just use this app as an example in my basicreact.com course. But then I decided to make a separate series on youtube to practice making videos.

My biggest mistake when doing tutorial videos was starting over the recording every time I did some mistake. So whenever I would say the word improperly or mess up a bit with typing something - I would stop the recording, stress out and then start over again.

Now I decided to not care about mistakes, record everything in one shot and then edit out the messed up parts. Seems to be working waaaaaaay better.

If you want to learn how to make a simple weather app with ReactJS - check out those videos:

Unfortunately turned out that during first two recording I didn't switch the mics and recorded the audio to my laptops internal mic 🤦.

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Hey mate thanks for sharing!
Definitely going to get a look at this.