A shell script to update VS Code on Linux

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I'm not quite sure about Mac users but updating VS Code in Ubuntu manually is always a pain and consumes some of my valuable time which I can use it for other things. Thus I wrote a shell script to update my VS Code just by executing it. [./πŸ˜‰.sh]

Find the script in this GitHubGist.

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I've created an improved script for the .tar-gz version, in case anyone is interested:


I think the title should be " A shell script to update VS Code on Ubuntu Linux".

I opened an issue about inline update on Linux distros.



I'm not sure about other Linux distros too.


If you installed it on Debian/Ubuntu-based systems using .deb file it will add the official Microsoft repository to your system's APT sources.


If I'm not wrong I just added the ppa and the VS Code updates automatically every time I fire up the update manager.

Using Linux Mint.

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