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Releasing rss-update-0.1-beta.2

I recently setup neovim editor as my sole IDE. It was fun setting up an IDE with only the things that you care about, and get excellent speedups for both autocomplete and type hints. If you are interested in my current neovim conf, you can check it out at github.

Since I had my IDE setup, I wanted to take it out to a test drive, so I started writing a CLI util for something that I wanted to have for few months now. A way to track updates on blogs that I follow with no upper cap on number on blogs. And I recently learned rust, so it was time that I built something using both.

Presenting rss-update cli, an util for tracking rss/atom feeds and get updates on them, when you want to.

  • To add new feeds: rss-update add --feed <FEED>
  • To fetch new posts in feed: rss-update
  • To show unread posts: rss-update unread
  • To mark posts as read: rss-feed read --post <URL>
  • To list tracking feeds: rss-feed tracking
  • To remove feed from tracking: rss-feed remove --feed <FEED>

In case you try it out and have some feed-back / request, feel free to open an issue or reach out to me.

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