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Satyarth Agrahari
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Starship, because it's too damn cool

This is more of an appreciative post for starship, an amazingly cool and customizable prompt for any shell. And the reason why it is so amazing is because even by default it has too many cool features while being super fast.

Just to show how it looks by default for rust and python:

We can see that it identifies what kind of project it is while giving information about which branch we are on, and which version of toolchain we are using.

It is not just limited to what comes by default, and its extensibility and ease of use is what is amazing about it. I use it for my personal projects as well as in my office system to inject information into prompt (like getting to know which versionset I am using).

And special thanks to Chris Rose for introducing me to this.

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Johnny Tordgeman

Starship is awesome, been using it for a while now :)