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Top 5 technical communities for developers

Today I am covering various platforms that have helped me over the years to become better at programming and enriched my experience as a developer. For the last 5 years, there have been a countless number of people in the IT industry who have shown me different perspectives and taught me valuable lessons in programming. If you are new to the world of software development it is quite natural to get overwhelmed a lot of times and in these moments we surely need help and guidance from others to get ahead.
So let's begin…
Reddit is a very popular site and almost always breaks stories before traditional outlets have heard about them.
The Reddit community is huge and you can find one of the best articles/resources by following subreddits for a topic you are interested in.
Also, you can get your projects reviewed from senior developers by sharing the relevant links
DEV Community is shared blogging and discussion platform for software developers.
It is quite useful to learn about various topics of your interest and you also get relevant perspectives from top developers in the industry

Hashnode is one of the fastest-growing developer communities with more than 500K+ monthly active developers from 180+ countries worldwide.
It has weekly 'Ask Me Anything' sessions where you can ask questions to top developers in industry related to your domain.
Also, the founders are quite active on the platform and you can interact with them anytime.

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as "tweets".
The technical community is quite active on twitter and you can get quite a lot of realtime updates and developer experiences on twitter.

Telegram is quite useful for staying updated on various topics on interests. There are quite a lot of active telegram groups related to a particular domain which can be helpful.
For example. AIM and MachineLearningIndia telegram groups are famous for getting info related to data science and machine learning

Other notable platforms
Discord: Although discord is famous for gamers communities, it has quite a lot of active technical communities too
Medium: Although Medium is an online publishing platform you can still grow your community of followers from this platform with whom you can then interact with later. Also, you can get information in detail about various topics by following relevant publications.
Slack: Popularly known for office communications, slack also has many community workspaces to help junior developers.

These 5 platforms I have shared today have helped me tremendously to build new contacts and also for getting guidance from senior developers in the industry.
So if you are someone looking out for help, then start staying active in a few of these platforms and simply ask your questions without feeling embarrassed even if they are simple questions. Chances are some else might be having them too and there would be someone from the online community who would surely like to help you out. That's it for today's short post. Hope you all find it useful 😄
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Rei Allen Ramos is also a good source of tech news if you dont mind the minimalist UI

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Saurabh Mhatre

Yes for sure

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You can also include in your list :)