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Savannah Copland πŸ‘‹
Savannah Copland πŸ‘‹

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Have you built a website with Gatsby?

Our team recently just rebuilt our website in Gatsby and set up our first blog using Netlify CMS. The main reason for the switch was for faster performance and easier content management, and in that regard its been great so far!

Curious to hear your experiences using Gatsby and you have any tips and tricks for us:

  • How was your experience using Gatsby (overall, compared to other static site generators)?
  • What CMS did you use (if any)?
  • Are you doing for AB testing on your site? We had some trouble out of the box with standard tools (Google Optimize), so curious what others have found worked well for them!

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Andy Kaiser

Kudos for the new website! I like it! Regarding your questions:

  1. We have built several websites with Gatbsy and love it.
  2. We use Contentful - but also have used Strapi.
  3. We also found that integrating Google Optimize does not work without loosing performance or having a flicker effect. Even the anti-flicker effect plugin from Google is not a good option, as it increases the time to interaction which is bad for SEO and UX (in our tests more than 2s in mobile devices).

Note: As we could not combine the performance and ab testing with Gatbsy (and other Jamstack frameworks), we developed a product for personalization and ab testing for this case. To make this possible we use a mix of compile time analysis, code generation, native integration with headless CMS, as well as edge workers.

Here you can find a tech demo of a Gatsby site using our product to personalize and A/B test in just 350ms LCP:

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Amita Shukla

I am in the process of building my blog+portfolio on blogger. I am currently on blogger, and it's a mess. So I decided to move to CMS and chose Gatsby. Just today I deployed on Netlify, a lot of work still remains to be done...

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It's good, tho I like NextJS better πŸ˜‰