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Experience with Scaler Academy : Review for Freshers

From the first image of “doubt” to now taking the mission of “GivingBack” ahead in full spirit, The journey of Scaler Kumar Saurav has been anything, but Ordinary.

Based on the journey shared with us, Read the inspiring journey of Kumar Saurav in his own words:

“Disclaimer :

To be honest, When I got to know about them through friends, my immediate reaction was “Scaler is betting on limp horses”.

Taking the responsibility to become that “bridge’ and fill the dearth of quality engineers is too humongous a task and honestly unbelievable in the first instance.

So my journey with Scaler Academy (Previously Interviewbit Academy) is not just around a dream job but so much around self-worth realisation and my ever enhancing interest towards Computers.

My first memory of computers goes back to my childhood when a new teacher from an ITI college taught us HTML. Super fascinated, I remember filling my notebooks with all possible tags I could learn through the internet. Computers instantly became my subject of interest.

But life was never easy. Coming from a lower-middle-class family in Patna, I have seen my father work really hard to provide us with a good education. He owns a departmental store and my mother is a homemaker.

Cycling 12-15 km every single day to attend my IIT Jee coaching in the school uniform, and then rush directly to the school, to save every penny on commute.

I wanted to study in a college in Dehradun, but the fees were such that I could complete my engineering four times in that structure! I decided to join Burdhwan University which had lower fees.

That being said, I have always been positive about life.

Talking about college, there was no coding culture in our college nor any alumni with great past records. Few of our seniors introduced us to competitive programming and we all decided to create a coding club. We used to organise small development contests for juniors, some brought OS contributors from their networks, built small projects, college websites etc.

I found that there is a lot of material available in the market around HLD, LLD, Data Structures, but 90% of it is quite vague. I had to research a lot to find the CRUX and in all this complication, it was easy to lose motivation.

So for somebody like me, Scaler Academy came as a blessing in disguise.

"They were willing to take a risk on me in a way that I hadn't felt in a long time”.

The entire structure was promising and reliable that I immediately decided to apply for the first batch. When I informed my father, even he was quite relieved that I had to pay only once I got a job. Till date, he is super grateful to Scaler.

One of my eureka moments was during a System design class by Anshuman Sir, where he taught us how to build Intuition to prove a solution correct. This is a trait missing even in top coders. Problems like finding the bicycle or Sword passing taught us how to build a program from scratch. This has honestly been such a gamechanger on how I approach a problem even if I don't know all the data structures.

When I had to join a service-based company I got through campus, I immediately reached out to Anshuman sir and his guidance that knowing your capability, we do not recommend that. He immediately initiated my referrals the next day.

One of the opportunities provided to me was with Lido Learning, one of the top ed-tech startups in the country. I get to learn and experiment with so much every day. You realise that salary is one part of the job, but what keeps you going is the responsibility and learning.

Lido Learning

Even when they fulfil their promise of referrals, they are available to provide you with the best guidance on how to be the best at your workplace too.

Talking about my personal favourite part of Scaler, it was Celeb talks and networking. I have not missed a single celebrity talk to date. Learning the lifestyle habits of highly effective people goes a long way. I have recently developed habits of reading books through them, (Zero to One being my favourite). Also, I have made so many new friends. One common quality in all these highly talented achievers is the belief and courage to Push hard and keep trying. They are smart and progress-driven, which we usually miss during college.

I visited my college and so many of my juniors asked about my review. There are around 15-20 people who are a part of Scaler now and I feel proud to have started this chain of “#Givingback” to the community. “Clearing the scaler entrance feels more like a goal”
All top coders from my college are part of Scaler academy now.

Alt Text

For someone like me, Scaler Academy has been an absolutely worthy Investment. I credit them for helping me in my Self-worth realization, developing knowledge and giving me some lifelong friends during the journey.

I am proud in every sense to be associated with Scaler Academy!”

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Take responsibility for becoming that "bridge" and fill the engineering shortage, coming from a lower middle class family

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VEry good

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Angel rodriguez 💰🤑

This seems very interesting to me and interests me a lot.

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This article is very good and interesting, I really liked it. what he says in assuming responsibilities is very true.

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Ankit Das

Paid article

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