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Review of Scaler Academy (InterviewBit Academy) by Nipun Suradkar

We are delighted to bring to you the journey of our Scaler "Nipun Suradkar" who is an amazing example of "When talent meets hard work, anything is Achievable". Presenting his journey in his own words:

My background:

"I was born in Ulhasnagar in Thane district - Maharashtra and I did school and college from the same city. In school, I was a bright student, always securing above-average marks. One of my school seniors joined IIT, and his life suddenly took a turn for the better. Which motivated me also to pursue engineering. I was always into technology and this news aligned with my dreams and aspirations. However, up until 10th, most of us can secure good marks by the rote learning techniques and the stuff we study in 11th, and 12th really can’t be learned with that. I worked on genuinely understanding each and every concept to do well. Although I tried really hard and studied a lot, I was not able to crack IIT. I didn’t get disheartened and decided to make something of myself within my current circumstances. I joined VJTI college and started working towards achieving my dreams.

In school, I found electronics interesting, and I decided to choose that as my major in college with IT and Computer Science as elective. But after the 3rd Semester, I realised that electronics was not something I would want to pursue in the long term. I was more inclined towards IT and computer science. I searched online and found some detailed posts on Quora that helped me understand that I could learn coding on my own and pursue that once I finish my college degree. So I set on to do that. I did a basic C++ course and started practicing on InterviewBit. This conflict of interest between my interest and the branch I had chosen impacted my GPA as well as the college placement process. In some companies, I wasn’t eligible because of my GPA and for some because my chosen subjects did not align with their requirements. But I was not going to give up. I took whichever job I could find from college and alongside continued to study coding.

I was still using InterviewBit to practice coding when I got an email from Anshuman Sir about Scaler Academy (previously InterviewBit Academy). It was exactly what I needed. It would help me not only learn the requisite skills but also help with the referrals to jobs that I actually wanted to do. I applied for the first batch in April 2019, I couldn’t clear it. This was the time I was studying for my semester end exams as well as preparing for the entrance exam for Scaler Academy. I worked really hard and was able to clear both. I joined in May and the next 6 months at the program were beneficial to me.

My Review of Scaler Academy (InterviewBit Academy) :

My experience with them has been great, they helped me a lot to understand the different concepts and the application of them. In fact, although I have only been working for 6 months in the company that I got placed with from college, I got a job as a Web Developer 2 in

They were quite happy with my performance during the recruitment process. They considered me on par with someone with 1.5 years of experience. I was able to build this kind of knowledge and understanding with help from the team at InterviewBit’s Scaler Academy. During my recruitment process with, Abhimanyu Sir guided me and helped me make the decision to join them. I am delighted with my experience here and have already recommended it to some of my friends who are currently preparing for their entrance exam. "

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Aman Swarnkar

Congratulations, more way to go!! for sure this post will motivate many more seekers to achieve their goals or at least to start pursue them.

thedebuggerpriyanshu profile image

Hey Nipun, I really liked your post. It inspires me to do the same in life as I can empathize with it somehow. I too have a job interview coming up in a couple of weeks for an IT firm. I wanted to know how your interview experience at was? Can you give me some tips, please?

mohini9340 profile image

Congratulations on your achievement. This is inspiring. 👍🏻

rahulcoderguy profile image

I also want to get into Scaler Academy and gave their exam once. Unfortunately, I could not clear it. Even though I am a good programmer, but I know I am lacking somewhere. Can you please guide me for clearing the entrance exam, Nipun? I am really eager to join!

aayushasati05 profile image

Indeed "When talent meets hard work and great mentorship, anything is Achievable"

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shubhamcoding profile image
shubham agarwal

Great post! You surely worked hard to start getting referrals that matched your skills. Can you let me know at what stage during your Scaler Academy years did you start getting referrals? And, how did you feel upon receiving a referral for the first time?

ganesht59919900 profile image

Hey Nipun, I really liked your post. It inspires me to do the same in life as I can empathize with it somehow

suhaspandey profile image

Great piece of experience, Mr. Nipun. Your career journey had its fair share of ups and downs. This intrigues me to know how you managed your curriculum. Can you share a detailed post on that, please? I would love to know how you did it.

amazonfashion10 profile image
Amazon Fashion

Congratulations..talent search its on hard

codebuster75 profile image

First of all, great experience, bro. But, surely your true journey to manage your job and study must have been tough. I would like to know how you managed them during your tough times? What motivated you to work harder every day? Please share your experience with that.

sandeepcoding profile image

Nice experience Nipun! It must have been hard to manage the Scaler entrance exam and semester exams, as I know how tough the Scaler exam is. You must have worked really hard to clear both exams in one go. Can you share your studying schedule? I would like to know how you managed to nail both, please.

sarahfernandezz profile image

Hey Nipun, I am currently pursuing my 12th and was thinking of joining Scaler Academy. Can I join after 12th or do I need to enroll for a graduate course at some other college first? Please let me know if that is possible.

sandeep_coder profile image

Hi Nipun, I am not from the programming branch, but the world of coding has always fascinated me to try it there. I love gaming and wanted to join game programming. So, I was thinking if there is a very basic batch at Scaler Academy that I can apply to so I can make my career from there. I am a quick learner but I need a good teacher for helping me. Please guide. Nice post, by the way!

ashnacode profile image

Hi Nipun, I am also eager to join Scaler Academy for finding better jobs in my IT career. But, reading your post, I realized that it is a tough exam and I will have to work harder to clear it. I was hoping if you could guide me and give me some tips on clearing their entrance test. Thanks!

ashimdev profile image
Ashim Codec

Hi Nipun, I really want to join Scaler Academy, and looking at your post excites me, even more, to do so. But, they are not launching any new batches currently. I don’t want to lose the opportunity and waste my time with other non-worth jobs and institutes. Can you let me know when will they have a new batch so I can apply?

joydeeep profile image

Hi Nipun, thank you for your experience. I have a question of my own – is the company you working at looking for freshers? I am quite frustrated these days because I am unable to find a good job. I have the skills and can work even harder for acquiring more, but I am looking for a decent job. Please help.

kumarcodesai profile image

Hi Nipun, I am not from the programming branch, but the world of coding has always fascinated me to try it there. I love gaming and wanted to join game programming. So, I was thinking if there is a very basic batch at Scaler Academy that I can apply to so I can make my career from there. I am a quick learner but I need a good teacher for helping me. Please guide. Nice post, by the way!

deepakpratapjain profile image
Deepak J

Hello Nipun, thank you for your time. I was wondering if there is some source from where I can see previous entrance exam questions that Scaler Academy has for the applicants. I want to prepare for the exam and want to do some mock tests for better preparation. Thanks in advance.

akasshd profile image

Nice insight there, Nipun. I love your journey so far. Did you manage to learn something from the jobs that you worked on before joining Or was it a complete waste of your time? If it was not worth it, how did you manage to cope with working there?

ajay9101 profile image

A truly inspiring and motivating journey you had there, mate! I am impressed that you did not decide to give up while fulfilling your career goals. Many are not able to do that due to peer pressure, which leads to a nervous breakdown, suicidal thoughts, and whatnot.

amitcbansal profile image

Man, I cannot imagine how hard you worked and studied to clear semester exams and Interview bit entrance test in one go. I tried that, but I could not clear the entrance exam. I don’t want to give up and would keep trying to clear it. Then, I hope to get a good job through the institute.

rakeshcodesninja profile image

Hi Nipun, your post changed my mood about career goals and success. I am a struggling programmer, and I want to get a good job in this industry. I was thinking of joining some course to help me polish my skills. Now, I feel like applying to Scaler Academy. Can you let me know how to prepare for the exam, please?

nishantpython profile image

Hey Nipun, thank you for sharing your insights on your journey. I am a computer engineer working in an IT firm. But, I do not get paid well there. I want to change my job. Can Scaler Academy help me with finding a job without clearing the exam? Is it possible that way?

itsanmol profile image
Anmol • Edited on

Thanks for sharing your experience Nipun. The road to achieving success are always tough. I am glad that you could achieve that in such a short time. That’s what makes me curious, how did you manage to impress your employers with your working experience? What made them feel that you have at least 1.5 years of experience in a span of 6 months? Can you lay some light there?

sagarpagarwal profile image

Great post, brother! I was hoping to join the tech-versity myself. But, my skills are not that polished yet, and I feel nervous about clearing the entrance exam. Is there a way that can help me prepare better for the test? Please share some advice about it.

nikhilcoderone profile image

Hello Sir, kindly guide me on how I can, as a fresher, apply at InterviewBit? Please advise.

rajkuma41803716 profile image
Raj Kumar

Many many congratulations for this opportunity