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From Scaler Academy to Cyware Labs - Scaler Academy Review by Saurav Gupta, SDE @Cyware

It's very rightly said , "The universe loves a Stubborn heart."

Irrespective of the extremely humble backgrounds, Our Scaler Saurav Gupta, honestly is the ambassador of the vision with which we started Scaler Academy. You have to believe in your goals, work towards them, Grow 1% everyday"

Presenting the journey of Scaler Saurav Gupta, in his own words:

My Background:

"I come from humble backgrounds. My parents run a vegetable/general store shop, and I have two elder brothers. But I am the only fortunate one in the family whom my parents could afford to send to college. My family has supported me a lot over the years. Almost 80% of our family income was spent on paying fees for my graduation. I studied in a government primary school until I was in 5th. Since I was a good student, I sat for an exam by Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti that was giving a scholarship. Almost ~5k students appeared for the entrance exam of the school, and only 80 were selected, and I was able to clear it. I studied with them from 6th till I passed out and that was a big-big help to my family financially. Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya hunts for talented children from rural and urban areas and offers them free education with no extra expenses irrespective of the financial condition of candidates whether rich or poor. I was awarded this opportunity at a younger age. I worked very hard in school and eventually joined Lovely Professional University to do engineering. I was in two minds at that time if I should go to Kota to study more and attempt to crack IIT or should I go to a private university and continue education without a break. My Navodaya’s computer teacher(Mr. Amit Kumar) advised that a private university would only help me if I could stay among the top students there. I decided to join LPU and have ensured that I remain at the top. I have been working hard to realize my dreams, and I am 2 times Roll of honor awarded by a worthy chancellor for my academic excellence.

Initially, I wasn’t even sure which branch would be best for me, so I ended up choosing mechanical, but I switched to Computer Science soon after. I realized that coding was something that excited me, creating something new made me happy. Which is why I decided to pursue Scaler Academy, not only were they going to help me get referrals at companies that offered much better packages but also helped me better my programming skills.

My Scaler Academy Review :

  1. The instructors and lecturers were very knowledgeable and kept us engaged - bettering our understanding of the concepts while also motivating us to keep practicing. It was kind of an ecosystem that kept me on my toes.
  2. In most of the colleges, the situation is not very good. The books and teaching methods have not been updated - we are just securing marks without a genuine understanding or application of the concepts. In Scaler, I was able to interact with people who like me wanted to achieve something and were genuinely interested in studying.
  3. The team kept tabs on our performance and submissions, which helps us stay on track.
  4. The hackathon was one of my favorite experiences. It was very nice to use all the learning I had accumulated and apply it to create something meaningful alongside fellow students who were equally motivated if not more.
  5. Another big way that InterviewBit’s Scaler Academy was able to help me was that they don’t charge upfront for the course.

It not only built a trust about the brand in my head but also gave me confidence because they believed so strongly in my capabilities. In between, I felt I was not getting enough referrals, and I reached out to Abhimanyu and Anshuman Sir. He was very approachable and helpful; he guided me very well and made me realised we are all part of the Scaler community.

My experience has been overall, Excellent to say the least. I am very thankful to them for helping me get a job that is paying me so well. I will be able to give back to my family and support them the way they did all my life.

I am equally thankful to my family members (Bhaiya and Papa), my Navodaya pariwar and LPU for preparing me to make an impactful change in society by bringing an engineer from myself."

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