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Know what youre engineering for

It can be easy to get stuck in engineering for engineering sake.

But at the end of the day companies pay US to build stuff that make THEM money.

Never forget that.

This is a larger concept of providing value….how can you provide more value?

Fixing bugs are easy to correlate to providing value. A user or QA team finds a customer bug, and then you fix it.

Pretty straight forward.

Building features is another simple way to understand where value is being generated. Product managers or higher ups have decided that they customers want something and then the engineers..YOU…build it.

Where this gets tricky is when you start refactoring or making changes that you THINK are good.

For example…”were refactoring this thing to be better aligned with community best practices”.

Ok..but why?

Why why why why whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?

Well, some people way more intelligent than me decided that we should be writing code a certain way for better collaboration, reusability, etc.

Ok…again…but why.

To boil this down its probably to be able to have more resilient code and to be able to build features and debug faster.

Hence providing value.

So…next time you go down the rabbit hole and you work for a company. Ask why and what the return will be short and or long term.

Are you providing businesses value or not?

This has been a great guide for me. I hope it will for you too.

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