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Let's start the journey to learn together Full-Stack Development

Hello, My name is James Scott and I am a students of CS, as most students would know just got into college for Bachelors.

I will be utilizing this summer to learn Web development basic languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more...

πŸ™ 🌍, I decided to create this space with the aim of documenting my programming road, organizing materials and inspirations that I have saved in millions of folders πŸ—‚οΈ and notes πŸ“š.

You want to join me?πŸ‘€

I am working hard towards becoming a Full Stack Web Developer, learning programming is a bit tough for me because I have to reconcile it with my daily Online Classes and work.

I will be happy to make contact with Dev community (! πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» 🏦 Ohh, I would like to add English is not my native language, please understand. This is another challenge for me.

Today onwards I will be sharing my Coding Journey with you guys. Be the part of my this journey.

If you like to Be the part of my this journey and follow me: Instagram :

Devscott20: GET INSPIRED!

Happy Coding! ✌️

Learning Resources : Responsive Web Design Certification
β€œPut Down the Javascript: Learn HTML & CSS firstβ€œ
MDN Intro to Javascript
Just Javascript email course
JSRobot Learning Game Intro to React Tutorials
So you can check out this blog regularly and let's do this journey together.

Thank you!
Which Course will you Choose?

Please share your thoughts in comments!

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