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Free APIs for beginners

Hello, this my first article on Dev
When you start learning react or any framework, you would like to use some free APIs instead of creating dummy data or even learning how to integrate with APIs

let's start with my favorite one ...

1- Quotes API
This API allows you to get a random quote every time you make a get request or a list of quotes and much more


{"_id":"EBX5NXqc-R6-","tags":["famous-quotes"],"content":"Six essential qualities that are the key to success: Sincerity, personal integrity, humility, courtesy, wisdom, charity.","author":"William C. Menninger","authorSlug":"william-c-menninger","length":120}
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you can read more in their Github

2- FakeStore API

This API is very useful if you want to learn about routing. For Example, your homepage should make a request to get all products ' and in your product page you request a single product by Id '

Don't forget to check the docs

3- RandomUser
send a get request to voila, you got a random user ... now go finish that profile page.

not only that, you can also request a specific nationality by providing a nat query :yay:,dk,fr,gb

read more

4- WeatherAPI

this one is free but you need to sign up first... with a limited number of requests (1000 Calls / month)

5- NewsAPI
You need to signup first to get an API key,
for example

6-Todo list
creating a todo list ? don't bother with dummy data, here is your free api

7- MetaWeather


I'll keep updating this article when I find any free APIs
if you have anything in mind, great! let me know in the comments

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