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Shannon Crabill • Edited

If you were not in tech and could do anything you wanted, what would it be?

For me, perhaps from watching too much Food Network, I'd want to open a burger shop. We would just do really good burgers. I really like burgers.

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Ben Halpern Ask Me Anything

I'd want to open a burger shop.

I'm legit opening a vegetarian burger place at some point soon. I also really like burgers, but don't eat meat anymore so all the more reason to bring my meatless burgers to the world.

I'm dragging my feet on some of the steps here but I 100% intend to make this burger joint my side project. And if I can be helpful in allowing you to reach your burger dreams let me know!

Otherwise, I'd love to write a sitcom, but I know it would be a stupid amount of work and stress so not something I'd embark on unless it really was my new life's work. I used to really want to do that but thinking about it now makes me a bit queasy by picturing the work involved.

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Dirk Bazuin

Wat is your favorite meat free burger recipe?

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Deepu K Sasidharan

Didn't know you were vegetarian. Great decision.

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Nick Taylor (he/him)

That's so cool if you open a veggie burger joint! I was vegetarian for a couple of years and then when I went to Barcelona for work, I found it hard to be vegetarian there, so I started eating seafood again and some chicken. When I got back to Canada, it just kind of stuck, but I still eat a lot of vegetarian meals.

Will it be called Ben's Burgers? 😉

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Ben Halpern Ask Me Anything

It will be called BB’s Burgers and BB does indeed stand for Ben’s Burgers.

I’m 100% not kidding with any of this. I’m glad I get to say it out loud.

PS I’m gonna put all the recipes on GitHub and let the community make PRs it they can improve on them.

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