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Javascript Namespace pattern

Namespace Pattern

Namespace can dramatically reduce the number of globals required and at the same time prevents the collisions or excessive name prefixing .
Its important to know that javascript doesn't have namespaces built into the language syntax , but you can achieve this feature quite easy .Instead of adding functions,objects and variables into global scope you can create one global object and add all the functionality

Refactor anti-pattern to Namespace example

Consider this example

//anti-pattern example
function Read() {}
function Speak() {}
var topic_to_learn = "Javascript";
var book1 = {} = {title:"Learn javascript",author:"John doe"}
var book2 = {};
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in this example all the functions,variables and objects are declared and polluting the global scope of your application . You can refactor this type of code by creating a single global object for your application , called for example Student and change all functions and variables to become properties of your global object

//Declare the global object
var STUDENT = {}
STUDENT.Read = function(){};
STUDENT.SPEAK = function(){};

//a varibale
STUDENT.topic_to_learn = "javascript"

//object container 
STUDENT.books = {}

//nested objects 
STUDENT.books.book1 = {}; = {title:"Learn javascript",author:"John doe"}
//add second book
STUDENT.books.book2 = {};

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This pattern is good way to namespace your code and avoid naming collisions not only in your own code but collisions between your code and third-party code on the same page .

Drawbacks of Namespace

  • More to type , prefixing every variable and function adds up in the total amount of code that needs to be downloaded
  • Only one global instance as a result any part of the code can modify the global instance and the rest of the functionality gets the updated state
  • Long nested names = slower property resolution lookups

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