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WhatsApp Clone

seanolad profile image Sean ・1 min read

My Final Project

WhatsApp Clone

Demo Link:

The WhatsApp Clone

Link to Code:

My Code

How I built it:

It was pretty simple. It's just a clone and it doesn't have very many capabilities. I used jQuery alongside some vanilla JavaScript, CSS, and Html.

Additional Thoughts

This is my last project before the school year ends, hope you all think it's good!

Discussion (5)

brymmobaggins profile image
Ibrahim Bin Bakare🥑

This is awesome!

seanolad profile image
sujitagarwal profile image
Sujit Agarwal

I like the perfection in looks you tried to achieve there!
Though, to me it looks more like a UI design clone and none of the elements are clickable.

seanolad profile image
Sean Author

Pretty much

nazimboudeffa profile image
Nazim Boudeffa

If you want to dig more deeply into some code

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