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Drawing app that records your actions

Drawing app that records your actions

Checkout the deployed project here:

Hello, and welcome to my blog! 😊

--What is this?--

This is a normal pixel art drawing board. But wait is it!?

No, that would be kinda boring, so I added a feature where you can record your actions and then playback those actions. To do this.

  1. Press Record
  2. Draw stuff
  3. Stop Recording
  4. Click on Play
  5. You can draw while your previous drawing is playing back
  6. Click exit play

If you were to have some problems, just reload the page. Also it only properly works on a computer, it won't display correctly on a phone.

--How it works--

The way the recording works is by using an array of objects, keeping track of all the changes when you change the color of a square, and when the change occurred in milliseconds after you pressed record.

It looks something like this:

changes = [
    target: "pixel-53",
    property: "backgroundColor",
    value: "red",
    timestamp: 3200 //(ms)

    target: "pixel-323",
    property: "backgroundColor",
    value: "green",
    timestamp: 4500 //(ms)
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It then plays back those changes. And thus, you can live interact with the drawing board, whilst your recording is playing back!

You can chain recordings together to create multiple recordings playing back at the same time.

About the drawing board itself, it uses css grid to create 3000 squares. When the user is holding the mouse down it starts to draw the selected color (which you can choose by clicking on the black sqaure in the right bottom). If you want to erase, you can click on eraser, and it will delete all of the squares you've drawn when you hover over them.

You can view the code on github:

--About me--

Hello! My name is Sebastian, and I'm a high-school student from Sweden. I have dabbled with some front-end development for the past few months. And since Christmas brake finally arrived, I've decided to start a challenge for myself! I'm going to code for the coming 20 days.

I'm following the front-end career path at Scrimba and I'm currently at module 8 (Flexbox, Grid and Fetch)

By the end of the 20 days I'm hoping to have finished the front-end career path and have started with some backend Node.js development. I will be documenting my progress for the coming days, and filming myself on my Youtube-channel, so feel free to follow along my journey and learn with me!

--Social Media--


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